Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What does it mean that we are becoming a “Newman” Selective School?

The Newman Gifted Program commenced in 2012 as the Newman Research and Development Program. The aim of the program is to improve provision for gifted and talented students in Archdiocesan Catholic schools by the systematic development of a whole school program in gifted education and thus to provide a Kindergarten to Year 12 pathway for gifted and talented students.
At the end of a three year process of professional learning and implementation of policies and programs, a school will apply to become a fully accredited Newman School at which point they are entitled to use the Newman Gifted Program logo on all school correspondence and advertising.
At St Mary’s we are in the second year of this process. Our focus in 2017 is on streamlining our identification processes, along with up-skilling and supporting all staff with professional learning opportunities to ensure quality differentiation and suitably challenging learning opportunities are offered to gifted students within class.


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